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Below is a review of the Cumann na mBunscol Strategic Plan. The full review is available for download here.

Theme 1: Reflecting the New Ireland and Including Everybody

Targets achieved
  • Céim ar Aghaidh to be used as resource to promote GAA 
  • Briefing brochure for schools( newsletter published in October edition of In Touch 2008 )
  • A pilot programme (in five counties) is currently being run by with Irish Handball Council to develop handball in primary schools
  • GAA to offer courses to teachers free of charge 
  • Summer Courses  to be available in 12 counties in 2009.
  • Funding available for Cumann na mBunscol coiste from Provincial Councils for teachers to attend summer courses (where a charge applies)
In Process
  • Go Games model to be adapted to promote participation in schools
  • Seek an input to Colleges of Education (meetings held with all colleges)
  • Good practice guidelines for full time coaches being developed in conjunction with G O Maolmhichil (GAA Children`s Welfare officer.)
  • Rounders Association are currently reviewing coaching resources 
  • Develop a strategy of recruiting female teachers to the work and management of Cumann na mBunscol 
  • Offer Full membership to Britain
Outstanding and Additional Targets
  • Rounders as Part of PE programme
  • Recruit ,Inform and Train new male and female teachers in all 4 provinces
  • Involve parents
  • Membership for Britain
  • Recruit from graduate teachers as ambassadors to training colleges for Cumann na mBunscoil.
  • Provide equipment grant aided and sponsored to all primary schools.
  • Develop a Charter and communicate same to all teachers. Use INTOUCH. Adopt the PLEASED model for Children. Participation, Learning,Enjoyment,Attitude,Skill,Effort,Development, Include children from all schools and change policy to facilitate this

Theme 2: Making Gaelic Games Happen in Primary Schools

Targets achieved
  • Leaflet outlining what Cumann na mBunscol does circulated in In Touch
  • Recognition for Cumann na mBunscol (through tickets, exhibition games,provincial representation etc)
  • Lobby Government to recognise Gaelic games on curriculum (meeting held)
  • Coaching Courses held during summer holidays
In Process
  • Collaboration between Coaching & Games and Cumann na mBunscol at local level 
  • Annual coaching template. 
  • Monitor content and quality of coaching .( seminar in Croke Park January 2011)
  • A database of contacts has been drawn up at national level.
  • Seek a dedicated notice-board in each school.
Outstanding and extra targets
  • Update circular to all schools on function of Cumann na mBunscoil. Produce DVD and Powerpoint.
  • Carry out facilities audit of in house and external . Produce data base  and circulate to all schools.
  • Work with county boards to ensure school’s needs are reflected in coaching strategies.
  • Develop annual coaching template that is Timed, Educational, Resourced and Relevant . 
  • Dedicated notice board in all schools. N.B Allianz.
  • All new pitches to accommodate cross field under age pitches.
  • Lobby Govt to recognise significance of role played by C na mB volunteers in enthusing young people.
  • Monitor content and quality of coaching delivered to schools from the outside to ensure its appropriateness to schools. N.B go Games and Charter.
Theme 3: Working Hand-In-Glove With The Wider GAA

Targets achieved
  • Primary School slot at national conference
  • Club/School Link: Information to be circulated in upcoming GAA Club Newsletter and GAA Games Development Newsletter highlighting the importance of the club/school link
  • Mini Sevens review complete.
Outstanding and Additional Targets
  • Full use made of County Committee representation on County Boards.Officer turnover,improved links, official slot on agenda.
  • Each school to identify its Parent Club. Club /School liaison Officer.
  • Direct support from club/ financial, coaching,facilities.
  • Club and School to share its branding  ie its markeability.
  • Involve school pupils in projects and events/ open days/ registration etc
  • School delegate to attend club AGM.
  • Forge links with local Secondary Schools.
  • Cumann na mBunscoil involvement in Provincial Coaching and Games initiatives/conferences and promotions.
  • Continue to develop Mini Sevens concept at club , county, province and national level 
Theme 4: Who We Are And What We Do: The Marketing Agenda

Targets Achieved
  • Each primary school to hold an event to celebrate games (April 24th 2009)
  • Re-Branding
  • Guide to Marketing PR seminar Sept 2011. Increase awareness of games , activities and sponsor input 
In process
  • Sponsorship strategy currently under review.
  • Schools Quality award to be reviewed in 2012.Recognition for ALL
  • Seek a dedicated Cumann na mBunscol page in all Provincial and National Finals.  Cumann na mBunscoil name must be included.
  • Website redesigned/ county ,provincial and national links.
  • Annual PR Plan 
  • From Cumann na mBunscol to Croke Park and Beyond in 2012
Outstanding and Additional Targets
  • PR Plan/ Greatest challenge. Template for each county. Each county to provide a PR Plan.
  • Sponsorship review at National and Local level. Maximum return for investment in Cumann na mBunscoil brand.
  • School Mark Scheme/ Excellence Rewarded.
  • The journey From Cumann na mBunscoil to Croke park. Highlight the historical trip of those who played in Croke Park  in Mini games and returned as Adult Players.
  • Visits from county players. Children to meet and greet county players in county grounds.
  • 2021 will be 50th anniversary. Historical Publication.
Theme 5: The Governance of Cumann na mBunscol
Targets Achieved
  • Good Practice for officers to be outlined at comhairle seminar.
In process
  • Cumann na mBunscol to meet formally once a year (at least) with County Games manager 
  • Each County Coiste to draw up a short development plan
Outstanding and Additional Targets
  • National Constitution to take Precedence over County Constitution
  • 5 year rule generally accepted/ Good use of new blood and use to be made of retired teachers.
  • Consensus not to involve Non –Primary School teachers refer to Involve Parents and Inclusiveness
  • Template for Governance / minimum requirement of meetings.
  • Model of good practice for each committee.
  • Short A4 sheet of 5 year plan to be submitted by each county coiste.
  • Input to GAA Annual Congress
  • Each County Coiste to hold meeting with County Board Officers at beginning of each year.